Town casts votes in March 9 election

MILFORD – Two major warrant articles failed to pass in the March 9 Milford town election, while some stalwart names familiar to voters were re-elected.

At the beginning of the day, Mar. 9, there were 12,759 names on the checklist, with 20 names added to that count during the day, yielding 12,779 at the end of the day.

There were a total of 2194 ballots cast for a voting turnout of 17.2 percent.

On the school ballot, write-in Nathaniel “Nate” Wheeler earned a board of education seat with 416 votes; write-in Kevin St. Onge received 347 and write-in Steve Martin received 138. The seat is for a three-year term.

With a one-year term, Michael McLean was voted in, with 1420.

Question 1, concerning the school operating budget of $43,970,972, with default budget of $44,007,030, passed with 1,464 votes to 938.

The Milford Education Support Staff Association (MESSA) contract, Question 2, passed with 1,199 votes, 938 no.

Question 3, recommending that $195K be added to the Maintenance Expendable Trust, was passed with 1,229 yes, 912 no.

The Special Education Expendable Trust Fund, Question 4, requesting an additional $150K be added that fund, narrowly failed: 1,018 yes, 1,124 no.

Question 5 passed 1,501 yes, 639 no, which pertains to authorization to retain year-end unassigned funds.

On the town ballot, Board of Selectmen, two three-year terms were available. Gary Daniels received 1,254, Paul Dargie, 1,217 and Michael Thornton, 1,097.

For Cemetery Trustee, also a three-year term, Jay Duffy was elected with 809 votes. Mary Dickson received 745 and Daniel Sadkowski, 304.

For library trustees, a three-year term with three positions available, Kathryn Parenti, 1,593, Jennifer O’Brien-Traficante, 1,447, and Janet Hromjak, 1,373; all were elected.

John Yule was elected with 1,751 votes for a one-year term.

Richard Mossey was elected to the Trustees of the Trust Funds, a three-year term with 1,802 votes.

For the water/wastewater commissioner position, Kris Jensen was voted in with 1,399, to Ryan Provins’ 441.

Article 2, regarding mobile food vendor ordinances was passed 1,686 yes, 443 no.

Ballot vote #2, pertaining to side and rear lot setbacks for small structures from six to fifteen feet passed 1,145 to 983.

Warrant article 3, the First Responders Communications Network $2.4 million ($1.7 million bond) did not pass (60 percent of the vote was required to pass): 974 yes (44.9 percent), 1,197 no (55.1 percent).

Article 4, sewer wastewater treatment facility (WWTR) secondary clarifier replacement mechanisms, $1.459 million bond (with 60 percent of the vote needed to pass) was voted 1,386 yes (65.6 percent) to 729 no (34.5 percent).

Warrant article 5, the Wadleigh Library HVAC/Electrical repair $1.290 million ($995K bond) did not pass with 1,083 yes (50 percent), 1,085 no (50 percent). Sixty percent of the vote was needed to pass.

Warrant article 6, on the town’s operating budget of $15,664,508 passed with 1,168 yes, 998 no.

The wastewater department operating budget of $2,288,406 also passed with 1368 yes, 753 no (article 7). Article 8, the water department’s operating budget of $1,548,984 passed with 1,368 yes, 753 no.

Reconstruction of two roads, article 9, failed by a small margin: 1,066 yes, 1,095 no.

Article 10, fire rescue truck #1 replacement failed to garner 60 percent of the vote: 1,194 (55.3 percent), 966 no (44.7 percent).

Article 11 $50K for the Wadleigh Library’s maintenance and capital reserve was voted down, 1,010 yes, 1160 no.

The public works six-wheel snow-plow unit to be paid with fiscal funding clause passed with 1,509 yes, 317 no (article 12).

Social services agencies proposed budget $40K, article 13, passed with 1,509 yes, 317 no.

Article 14, the information technology infrastructure capital reserve of $40K passed with 1,098 yes, 1,032 no.

Article 15, non-emergency community transportation bus services proposed $32K passes with 1544 yes, 602 no.

The public works wheel bucket loader purchase of $146K with $120K coming from capital serves was passed 1,135 yes, 996 no (article 16).

A fire apparatus replacement capital reserve of $25k did not pass, 991 yes, 1,139 no (article 17).

The Keyes Park expansion committee project capital reserve of $25K did not pass, 992 yes, 1,149 no (article 18).

Article 19, the ambulance department portable radio replacement from the public safety communication equipment replacement capital reserve, $13,927 passed 1,640 yes, 506 no.

Article 20, which is money allocated for summer band concerts, passed with 1,353 yes, 799 no.

Article 21, for town parades passed with 1,571 yes, 600 no.

Article 22, a property tax exemption for the blind, passed with 1,584 yes, 488 no.

Pedestrian sidewalk safety improvements for Nashua St., Osgood Rd., Melendy Rd., and bike lanes, failed 848 yes, 1,320 no.