Dawn’s Botanicals a new, organic venture

BROOKLINE – With a green thumb for gardening and a proper business plan in tow, Brookline resident and Nashua native Dawn Currier decided to start her own small landscaping and general lawn clean-up/beautification company, with the emphasis on helping the environment.

Dawn’s Botanicals, (978) 569-8505, was the brainchild of Currier, who has extensive floral shop experience and knowledge of organic growing techniques like composting and companion planting.

“It’s always been a dream of mine to get my own business going,” she said. “I kind of got a little motivation from one of my artist friends, Mark Donahue. He’s been a mentor, pushing me forward.”

Donahue recommended that Currier create a business plan and portray exactly what she’s aiming to do.

“Mark has been helping me with the business side of things,” she said. “That’s not necessarily my forte.”

Currier has set up jobs in the Milford, Amherst, Hollis, Brookline and even Nashua, where she grew up on Auburn Street. She provides everything from food and herb garden design and maintenance, to yard clearing and flower bed designs installation. Currier is also knowledgeable about installing irrigation systems for watering plants.

“I wanted to create something that would help the environment,” she said. Currently, she is working on an outdoor project at the Andres Institute for Art in Brookline.

Currier’s goal is to feed the earth by regenerating soil and doing companion planting. She’d prefer to stay away from harsh chemicals and pesticides and lean towards a more natural solution.

“Some people may think more natural treatments are more expensive than pesticides and chemicals,” she said. “But that’s not necessarily true.”

Living in Boston for three years, Currier worked at the popular KaBloom and she’s also worked for Fortin Gage in Nashua. Her hands-on experience has given her-leg up on her gardening venture.

To get the business running, Currier invested in some new landscaping equipment and doesn’t shy away from even the trickiest of jobs.

“It hasn’t been too difficult yet,” she said. “A lot of my friends help me as well by donating landscaping or yard equipment that they didn’t need or weren’t using.”

Currier has also lived in Hawaii, where she decided to study plant medicine.

“I was living on this mountain in Maui called Haleakala,” she said. “I had this idea that I wanted to study herbalism but I also learned so organic techniques working on a farm there, growing vegetables and a lot of medicinal herbs that we even dried and cured.”

As some people may note, people who live in Hawaii are health conscious, Currier pointed out, and “very much about the environment.”

“I always try to buy more natural products,” she said. “And I figured, I could do something that was beautiful and something that people love to look at, I could grow food and lastly, I could help with the environment.”

To contact Dawn, email her at dawnbotanicals8@gmail.com.