Female cyclist to attempt to break record

Kate Ouellette-Cretsinger, of Temple, has set out to beat the current record of cycling across America in June 2021, with only one year of road cycling experience. That is 4,200 miles, with 150,000 feet in elevation. 

Due to the uncertainties of COVID from state-to-state, Ouellette-Cretsinger will be breaking this record on a virtual platform with a bike trainer. The current record is 18 hours and 10 minutes in real-life by Lael Wilcox. 

Although Ouellette-Cretsinger realizes that “real-life” cycling is not the same as virtually, they both have their own set of challenges. Virtually will definitely prove to be more challenging mentally, but the physical aspect won’t be easy either. This will be a good test for when Ouellette-Cretsinger does it in real life in 2022.  

She will be using a virtual platform named “RGT,” which stands for Road Grand Tours. RGT is a virtual cycling simulator that allows cyclists to race/ride actual roads virtually by uploading GPS data in a GPX format.