Reservoir parking lot us planned

WILTON – Following the recommendations of an advisory committee, and discussions with the Department of Environmental security, the Board of Selectmen approved Phase One of improving the parking at the New Reservoir on Sand Hill Road.

At their on meeting on Monday, July 12, Selectman Matt Fish proposed creating 16 parking spaces and establishing regulations for their use.

Fish said he had talked with Road Agent Brian Adams, “and he can fit it into his schedule.”

The area would be cleared, leveled, and graveled, he said. The parking spaces would measure 10 feet by 18 feet with two handicapped spaces. Cost of gravel was estimated at $2,500.

“We’ve got to get the lot in and start using it,” he added, limiting parking near the beach “to two or three spots.”.

Adams will also work with the Fire Department in the dam area when the dry hydrant is relocated to enforce the no swimming in that area. People are not allowed on the dam.

Fish will come up with the regulations for the use of the parking area. “Common sense,” he said, “like open dawn to dusk, carry in-carry out.” A sign will be posted on a gate.

An inspection of the dam is planned to discuss how to address the state-noted deficiencies, but no date has been set.

It was suggested that the dam’s release valve be repaired.

Work on the Frog Pond dam was also discussed. Selectmen said two bids had been received and are being reviewed by town counsel.

“A lot of work needs to be done,” Selectman Kermit Williams said and suggested a dam monitor be named, “a town employee or a contract.”

Volunteer Jeff Stone has monitored the area for several years and selectmen said they appreciated all he has done, “but because of liability issues, it needs to an employee.”

In other action on Monday, Chairman Kellie-Sue Boissonnault signed the purchase orders for a new chief command vehicle, a Chevy Tahoe, and a new forestry truck to replace a 1954 pick-up. Both are “ready to be picked up.”

Completing the paperwork on the lease-purchase of a new Engine 1 will be completed at the next meeting on July 19.

The first year of that lease will be about $75,000.

A revolving fund for the Police Department special detail money was established at the delayed town meeting in June. That will be a separate fund to be set up the next time such money is received. The fund will be used to purchase items not in the budget.

The board met with the auditors to review their report on the 2020 budget. Two “areas of adverse opinion” were noted, including the method of recording capital assets.

The regulations require noting the original cost and Williams asked how that could be done for the town hall which was built in 1888. The question will be worked on.

It was suggested that American Rescue Plan funds be used for on-going and up-coming storm water drainage improvements. Water Commission Ton Schultz said the board should also consider upgrades to both the water and sewer systems. “Those are two critical areas,” he said.

The next meeting of the board will be on Monday, July 19, 6 p.m.