New owners take over at Intervale

WILTON – Nathan Turilli of Sharon is the new owner of the former Intervale Machine Company buildings on Forest Street, He said he will be moving the base of his operations to the site. The company, RGT Property Solutions, has been in operation for about two years.

Over the weekend he was offering items found in the building, various sorts of tools and implements, at a yard sale as he cleared out the buildings for renovations.

“We offer all around land care service,” he said, from mowing the lawn to digging the cellar hole. “We sell landscaping materials, sand, loam, gravel, bark mulch in several colors.” He added, “Out goal is to have a little store front as well, offer things like grass seed and bagged soil.”

He is excited about the historic buildings, he said., which date to around 1850 and have housed various businesses. The most recent, Intervale Machine, a hardware store, was owned by the late Richard Rantamaki, and before him Dick Tuttle. Before that, T.R. Langdell used it as an auction house before moving to Wilton Center. It was originally a mill.

“We’re going to make it look nice,” Turilli said. They have cleared the lot back to the old stone walls that have not been visible for years. “We’ll pretty much landscape the whole property.”

The large mural on the upper building will stay, he said. “It’s wonderful.” But the buildings need new siding and paint.

“We’ll preserve it,” he said. “You can’t tear down history.”