Board praises town firefighters

LYNDEBOROUGH – At their regular meeting on Wednesday, Dec. 28, the Board of Selectmen extended the thanks of the town and a commendation for Fire Chief Brian Smith and two other members of the Fire Department for actions taken during the storm on Dec. 23.

Town Administrator Russ Boland said he had received a note of thanks from a resident.

“We got a call from Brackett’s Cross Road,” Smith said. Trees had taken down the wires on both sides of a residence, trapping the occupants. “We provided a generator until service was restored. And gave them some fuel.” He added, “The temperature in the house was 40 degrees.”

Smith said misinformation was posted on social media, close to being a complaint. “Somebody said we took the generator off the truck, but we didn’t. It was one we had at the station and weren’t using. We did give them department gas. It is the town’s and they are residents.”

Selectman Chairman Fred Douglas said, “It was the only logical thing to do. I have no problem with giving them the gas.”

“It’s what we do,” Smith said. “More than put out fires.”

Service was restored to the road on Christmas Day.

Commendation letters will be placed in the men’s personnel file.