Wilton catch basins to be cleared

WILTON – The town has approximately 250 catch basins outside of the downtown MS4 (the state Municipal Separate Storm Sewer System) District that have not been cleared and repaired on a regular basis. The 115 within the district are on a schedule.

The acting DPW director said they had experienced more flooding and “more weather impacts.”

On Monday, April 22, the Board of Selectmen designated up to $20,000 from ARPA (American Rescue Plan Act) funds to clear out and repair the catch basins, some of which were described as “of antiquated design.” The basins will be mapped, a database established, and a maintenance schedule established for coming years.

The work is not in the budget, but Finance Officer Eric Window said there is money in the state block grant fund to cover expenses over the allocated $20,000. It was agreed that all the basins should be done.

Selectman Tom Schultz said it was “an excellent investment,” since fixing catch basins costs less than repairing a washed-out road. Kermit Williams and DJ Garcia agreed.

The board also signed a contact for $28,000 for crack sealing.

In other business, the board met with Leighton White and agreed he could continue to use Webb Road as a secondary access to his gravel operation without it becoming a Class 5 road. White said there is no plan to upgrade the road, but he does maintain it. He will also provide a certificate of insurance.

The Planning Board has reviewed the site and has no opposition.

Garcia asked the board to think about the use of the remaining ARPA funds which have to be designated by the end of the year.

He suggested creating incentives for small businesses, fixing the handicapped access to the town hall and repairing the town hall roof. The town received about $394,000 to be used for specific town projects.

“I’ve reached out to the department heads for any suggestions,” he said.

Schultz said he was concerned about the roof, the slates that are coming loose forcing the closing of the sidewalk in front of the town hall,

“We need to involve the Heritage Commission in the roof repair,” he said since the hall is on the Historic Register.

The cupola is also in need of repair but is a separate project.

The subject will be on the agenda for the next meeting.

The engineering study for King Brook Road Bridge has been received, as well as Old Templ;e Road South,

The Facilities Committee plans to tour town properties next week.

The next regular meeting was set for Wednesday, May 6, at 6 p.m., in the Town Hall Court Room.