Hollis Troop 12 Plans Celebration of 100 Years

An invitation to Hollis Residents and Troop 12 Members, Troop Leaders, and Scouting families, past and present.

One-hundred years of service to others is a rare centennial event. We hope you can join us in celebrating the Troop 12 Centennial, November 4 to 6, 2022.

Troop 12 was founded in 1921 by several local residents, with Albert Hills serving as the first Scoutmaster. Over these past 100 years, Troop 12 adult leadership, with the support of scouting families and sponsorship by the Congregational Church, has had 129 Scouts earn the rank of Eagle and influenced the lives of hundreds of young people.

Troop 12 serves as a community for young boys to learn and develop self-confidence, self-reliance, and leadership skills. Scouts in Troop 12 strive to demonstrate the attributes that make up the Scout Law and Oath, chief among these to be helpful and brave. Throughout the past 100 years the troop has been home to a wide variety and range of Scouts, while also acting as a model for community service for being an active and contributing citizen.

The purpose of this weekend-long event is to celebrate 100 years in the history of Troop 12, while allowing all attendees to reconnect in person and via historical photographs and memorabilia with the gracious friends and family, who together made Troop 12 able to excel. Additionally, this will serve the community with a great example of what it is to be in Troop 12, and what it is to be a scout.

The weekend will include a welcome reception, outdoor activities, historical displays of projects which benefited the community, reunion with old associates and an evening dinner. If you want to better understand the Troop 12 wide influence in the lives of all involved, we urge you to join us in helping support this event. 

Additional history and activities can be found at the website built by a Troop 12 Eagle Scout. Your support via donations and purchase of dinner tickets can be found at the bottom of the website page: https://t12centennial.wixsite.com/website

We hope you all can find time to join us to help Troop 12 Celebrate 100 years and recognize those who made it happen.

Troop 12 Centennial Committee

Dave Lowrance, Troop 12 Chaplain and Assistant Scoutmaster