Help solve a crime, get a cash reward

Help Merrimack Crimeline solve a crime, and you can receive a cash reward and remain anonymous.

Responsible for the daily operations of the Crimeline program, the Merrimack Police Department receives and processes incoming information through a special Crimeline telephone – 424-2424. There is no “caller-ID” feature on this number so anonymity is assured. Callers never need to provide their name or other identifying information, and calls are not recorded. Instead each caller is given a code number for tracking the status of a case. All rewards are paid in cash to ensure anonymity.

Anonymous tips can now be submitted on the Web.

By using the same advanced encryption and technology trusted by local, state and federal law enforcement agencies, tipsters can report information about crimes in Merrimack online at

Information about past crimes, current crimes or potential crimes may be submitted to Merrimack Crimeline. In order to publicize those cases deemed appropriate for the Crimeline program, news articles are prepared by the Merrimack Police Department describing the crime as soon as possible after the incident occurs. 

It is hoped that the article will jog someone’s memory and encourage them to step forward to provide Crimeline with information about the crime. Crimeline can also be contacted to anonymously report crimes in progress.

In case of an emergency, always call 911.

If an arrest is made, the cash reward can be released. To claim the reward, the caller simply calls Crimeline and provides their code number to arrange for cash payment.

The caller’s identity is never known by either the Merrimack Police Department or members of the Crimeline. Online tips can be tracked by the submitter through the Web site to determine if a cash reward will be released.

Many anonymous cash payments have been made to citizens since Crimeline was established. Please help the Merrimack Police Department solve crime.