Romney has writer’s backing for president

To the Editor:

The most critical election of America’s history is approaching, deciding whether this country will continue to turn towards socialism or return to a traditional America ruled by its constitution. Having said that, let me explain that I am not an entrenched Republican. I am conservative, and believe in a traditional America, but I’ve always been wary of party politics. Actually, I’m more anti-Democrat than I am pro-Republican! Fortunately, there are many good choices in the Republican Party currently running for president. I, for one, believe in Mitt Romney.

During the last election, my wife and I went to a Bedford meet and greet to actually see and hear Mitt Romney. It was scheduled for 6:30 p.m., so we got there early to be sure of getting a good seat. We did: front row and center! There were about 60 people there and perhaps a half-dozen news reporters and cameramen.

Mitt arrived and strode onto the stage looking very enthusiastic. I couldn’t see how. I saw his schedule and he started the morning at 6 a.m. in Iowa! Now, here he was in New Hampshire 12 hours later and still going strong!

He gave a strong speech. I agreed with everything he said and I believe he meant it – I’m not just saying it because it sounded good. He then took questions and I was stunned at how well he met every question head-on and had a great answer. Then a lady asked him what he would do for the arts. Mitt blinked a couple of times and said “The arts .?.?. hmmm, I’m not sure. I certainly support the arts but should taxpayers’ money be spent on the arts? I’m not sure; I’ll have to get back to you on that.” Stunned? Now I was shocked! I couldn’t believe it, an honest answer! Most politicians would have said something on the order of, “Oh sure, I’m gonna see you get everything you ever dreamed of!” But Mitt Romney told the truth.

After the Q&A was over, we stood in line to meet him and shake his hand. He thanked us for coming. My wife said, “No, thank YOU for coming. I know what your schedule was for today.” He laughed and told us how he really loved travelling the country and meeting everyone. He heard her. He actually listened. How many hands had he shaken just that day alone? I was impressed.

Six weeks later, we saw that Mitt was going to a rally in Londonderry. We decided to go. We wanted to see if our first impressions would hold up. We got there early and again found front row seats, but now there were a couple of hundred people there and dozens of media people. After the Q&A, Mitt was surrounded with hungry reporters and cameramen. I figured we’d never get to meet him again but my wife insisted we stay, and lo and behold, Mitt came over to us.

He shook our hands and said “It’s nice to see you again.” My wife’s jaw dropped and she said “You remember us?” He said “You were in Bedford, weren’t you?” I guess they don’t hand out law degrees and MBA’s at Harvard to just anyone!

We met Mitt one more time that year – at his headquarters in Manchester. When we arrived, I saw a young man that had given me a tour of the Capitol Building in Washington when he worked for Judd Gregg. He was now working for Mitt. I asked him in a confidential tone what Mitt was really like. Without hesitation, he said “What you see is what you get.” That was it. I was sold. Where would we all be today if Mitt Romney had become the 44th president of the United States?

Recently, I went to a rally here in New Hampshire and saw Mitt Romney again, and once again, I was astounded in how much sense he made. Of course, everyone’s politics are different but for me, he is right on target. We will seriously need his business know-how when Obama is through. Please consider Mitt Romney for president.


New Boston