DPW asks residents to conserve water

MERRIMACK – The Town of Merrimack Public Works Department is requesting your assistance to Conserve Water Usage for seven to 10 days beginning on July 3. On Friday, while replacing the failed Naticook Brook corrugated metal pipe that crosses under Amherst Road, the contractor encountered large granite slabs blocking the path. These slabs were used to form the original stone box culvert that allowed Naticook Brook to pass under the road. Unfortunately, due to their position, removing them could undermine or damage the existing 16-inch water line.

In order to remove these granite slabs, the DPW is working with the Merrimack Village District to shut down the waterline for periods of time. Starting on Wednesday, July 5, the village district will allow the line to be shut down for about five hours a day. During the first shutdown and the following days, it will closely monitor the water levels in the tanks to see if the construction window can be extended.

During the shutdown, water will still be available to the water customers. The 16-inch line is used to recharge the water tanks. The tanks hold the water necessary for the users.

Water conservation over the next seven to 10 days will greatly assist this effort to minimize the water reduction in the tanks. Please limit the amount of irrigation water that is used as the more progress that can be made each day in replacing the culvert, the sooner Amherst Road will be opened for traffic flow. Please help us spread the word on the conservation effort!