Volunteers: Hurricane help is on the way

MERRIMACK – Student Transportation of America (STA) school bus drivers and Merrimack residents Karl Lundstedt and Laurette Cillo, rear, along with Meghan Lundstedt, 12, a student at Merrimack Middle School, and her brother, Nicholas Lundstedt, 10, a student at Thorntons Ferry Elementary School, joined on Saturday and Sunday, Sept. 23-24, more volunteers including Mrs. Tracy Lundstedt, Tony Centralla and other associates in collecting aboard this big yellow school bus a wide variety of canned goods, cleaning products and toiletries, along with school supplies, diapers and dozens of cases of water for distribution to Florida and Texas neighborhoods recently ravaged by devastating hurricanes. The effort was spearheaded by the STA, based in Merrimack, and will unfold as the cargo is transported by other volunteers driving tractor trailers or other big trucks directly to the afflicted neighborhoods in both states. Cillo noted that alerts posted on FaceBook resulted in an outpouring of generosity by many donors including Merrimack Girl Scouts and Merrimack Cheer, the Merrimack High School cheerleading team. The bus was parked for the two-day event alongside Daniel Webster Highway in a lot shared by the Merrimack Post Office and Dunkin’ Donuts. The bus was visited at the end of the two-day stay on Sunday afternoon by a couple on a Harley-Davidson. The passenger dismounted and quickly made her way to the bus while toting a plastic grocery bag bulging with food items. Then, she got back on the bike and the couple drove away. Karl Lundstedt noted a similar drive slated for November will benefit a local food pantry.