Merrimack Senior Citizens Club elects new board of directors

A festive installation dinner, enjoyed by dozens at Merrimack’s John O’Leary Adult Community Center on Church Street, brought together on Saturday, Feb. 17, a newly named board of directors for the Merrimack Senior Citizens Club. The men and women will share a multitude of duties throughout the year.

The club, an organization comprised of Merrimack residents ages 55 and older, provides a wealth of opportunities for socializing, travel, field trips and dining, in addition to sharing in fitness programs, games, crafts, dancing and many other activities. New members from Merrimack are welcome.

Those taking a turn serving the club during the current year are either newly appointed, newly re-elected or newly re-appointed. Any unavailable for the photo accepted copious congratulations beforehand, or later. They include: Bruce Rasmussen, president; Jeannette Popovsky, assistant treasurer; Lorraine Lessard, trip coordinator; Joan Rasmussen, assistant trip coordinator and Gloria Crayton, trustee.

Meetings are held at 1 p.m., Mondays, at the John O’Leary Adult Community Center, 4 Church St., adjacent to the Merrimack Public Library.

For more information on the Merrimack Senior Citizens Club, visit online: