Lions Club assists in park cleanup

Merrimack Lions Club joined approximately 250 town members for the “Park Clean-up Earth Day” celebration, on Sunday, April 22, to do whatever was needed to help clean up the town parks. The team included six dedicated workers, including Benjamin Richard, and former Leo member and a student from the Academy for Science and Design. The morning was spent cutting logs, raking leaves and stacking brush and branches.

New this year is a small rock garden developed by club member Tamar NewellTaffaro, who is an experienced landscaper. Currently, there are spring flowers and more will be added as the weather gets warmer ensuring blooms through the fall season. The club intends to continue to maintain the rock garden and grounds, as well as the inside of the cabin as part of a project that began two years ago.

The Lions Club is proud to be part of this townwide event and agree with the Parks and Recreation Department statement: “This is a great way to give back to the Merrimack Community and celebrate ‘Mother Nature Day on Earth.'”

– Submitted by Merrimack Lions Club