Lions club honors teachers with $1K grant

The Merrimack Lions Club awarded the $1,000 Cheryl Pearsall High School Grant to teachers Aimee Piccolo and Sean Mueller, of Merrimack High School, for their project, “Capturing the World with STEAM – A Mobile Darkroom and Camera Obscura.”

“We are going to use the money for a trailer-sized pinhole camera to educate the elementary students,” said MHS student Izzi Marceau.

The project idea was presented to members of the art and technology departments and then shared with the students who plan to take an experimental photography class next year. The students will design, build, test and place on a trailer platform, so it can be taken to the middle and upper elementary schools, as well as the July Fourth celebration and the Merrimack Public Library next year. The project goal is to educate the public and younger students about photography and its relationship to science, technology, art, history and mathematics.

Their goal is to have the camera ready to use in the spring and for the July Fourth celebration next summer. The Merrimack Lions Club is looking forward to seeing their progress and will invite the teachers/students to speak at a meeting in the fall.