Rose Haven Ready for Spring

The Rose Haven residents are eagerly looking forward to planting flowers this spring. The idea of planters came up when John Richards of Merrimack Lions asked management if there was a project or an event the club could do for the spring. John learned that the residents wanted to plants flowers and herbs. They already receive fresh vegetables from the garden that is planted every year. Flowers only add to their enjoyment. When John Richards, a long time member of Merrimack Lions Club inquired if there was another project that we could do for the home’s residents. The idea of providing two tall flower boxes on stands complete with outdoor lighting was the answer. On Sunday morning, April 7, John Richards, Art Cusato and Andy Jump met to assemble and paint the flower boxes with weatherproof stain last week. The staff and members of the home plan to purchase the dirt and the flowers themselves. Sounds like a fun trip to a local flower stand. The finished plant stands were delivered to the home on Sunday, April 13.