Nashua PAL kids need outdoor equipment, indoor games

Now that spring is finally here and winter weather is no long a menace, it’s time ‘for a pitch’ for baseballs, softballs, balls for volley, soccer, and tennis – time to trade jeans and sweats for shorts, and focus more on outdoor sports – some days call for activities like games played indoors, seated at tables or spread out on floors. Whatever comes into play, having fun and getting along with others makes good sports and good sportsmanship. Nashua PAL turns to the Mailbag to let folks know what is needed to support, encourage, and enrich young lives.

‘Wish list’ for PAL’s Community Center

The Nashua Police Athletic League (PAL) Youth Safe Haven Community Center on Ash Street is a very special place where supervising Nashua Police Officers, PAL staff, and volunteers are dedicated to providing young people with life skills and opportunities to give them a better chance at a successful life. Activities at the center encourage youth up to age 18 to participate in outdoor sports as well as a variety of indoor activities, inspire creativity, and help develop talents. “The Nashua PAL Community Center is in need of donations of balls for a variety of sports” says Jenn B. of Nashua, Programming Assistant at the Nashua PAL Center (LTR 3,324). “Donations of basketballs, volleyballs, footballs, soccer balls, dodge balls, and balls used for Four-Square, a popular game, would be greatly appreciated. Board games for multiple players, craft kits such as weaving looms, books and colored pencils, etc. are also always much appreciated as well.” Founded in 1989, Nashua PAL continues to help create a positive attitude between the children of Nashua and the members of the Nashua Police Department, providing sponsored sports, activities, and enrichment programs at no cost. These programs give kids, especially from high-risk neighborhoods, opportunities they might not otherwise have. Collection hours at the Nashua PAL Center are Monday – Thursday, 2:00 – 6:00 p.m.; Friday, 2:00 – 5:00 p.m. If your spring cleaning turns up unused sports equipment including balls, Nashua PAL will gladly ‘bounce them back into play’. Board games and craft kits (with all their pieces, please) will also be welcomes and put to good use. Jenn can be reached at 603-594-3733 to make arrangements to drop off the balls. Helping folks helping others helps everyone!

Lucky Dog Shop needs replacement awning

More than a year ago, Nancy Barnes (KTR 43), formerly of Nashua, wrote to the Mailbag with a request for the Tails To Freedom/Lucky Dog Thrift Shop, a 501(c)(3), for a replacement for the red canvas storefront awning that was ripped to shreds during the 2016 ice storm. Nancy lives in Stratham now and does work for the charity that she can do remotely. She writes to Chris’ Mailbag on behalf of shop owner Kat R. of Nashua. “The Lucky Dog Thrift Shop is hoping for the charitable opinion and expertise of an engineer to take a look at the current awning frame to determine if it is in sound condition, both the structure itself and its mounting on the brick storefront wall. Plans can then be made regarding the best way to replace the awning, a long-overdue project. If there is an engineer out there that has a little bit of spare time to do a huge favor for a great charity, Kat and everyone at the Lucky Dog Resale/Thrift shop would be very grateful.”

Many shoppers visit the commercial/residential building located at 23 Elm Street in Nashua, home to the Lucky Dog Resale/Thrift Shop. The shop features two floors of merchandise as well as ‘sidewalk sale’ items. A protective awning is greatly missed, especially by shoppers browsing the outdoor racks and bargain bins, hoping to avoid raindrops, etc. Anyone with the expertise to help the good people at Lucky Dog should give the shop a call at 603-882-3647. ‘Paws’ to help if you can.


Bert the Picker of Nashua (LTR 1,175) has ‘wheels’ thanks to a Mailbag reader who read about his plight and wanted to help since he’s always looking to help others. They wish to remain anonymous. Bert donated the other van, with many usable parts, to a charity that helps children. God bless everyone involved.

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