Electric train set welcomes ‘all aboard’ on track for fun

The history of model trains is as old as the railroad industry itself, with treasured memories of imaginary travel cherished for generations. From the anticipated journey of a train circling a Christmas tree, a simple village setting with a depot, houses, and a general store, to an elaborate layout featuring motion-activated bridges, electric lights, and roundhouses, model railroading is both an individual as well as a family affair. The Mailbag has a train set, an IKEA bureau, and a small selection of cookbooks, just in time to surprise Mom on her special day.

Train set available…’where will the journey take you?’

“I have an electric HO train set, an engine, 5-6 cars, lots of track (straight and curved), plus bridges and a cross track” writes Robbie F. of Nashua (LTR 2,776). “Also included are a bunch of tiny signs and plastic fences. I know there are a lot of train enthusiasts still out there and I would love to give these to someone who will enjoy them. Once again, thanks for your help.” HO is the most popular model railroad scale in the world, using a 1:87  scale  (3.5  mm to 1  foot). The first model trains were not constructed to any one scale or standard, meaning there was no way to have different trains working together. As standards were set and model train manufacturers chose to build to common scales, this HO set should be compatible to other coaches, box cars, etc. you may already have. Anyone interested is the electric HO model train set should text Robbie at 603-930-4909 or email: robbieflynn9@gmail.com. Could be a great gift for a train-loving Mom!

Bureau, in excellent condition; a few cookbooks

“Now that I have a pick-up truck for hauling larger items, I am offering a bureau, brand is IKEA, in a medium-wood color, modern design, with five ample drawers” says Bert the Picker of Nashua (LTR 1,775). “Measurements are 45 inches high x 32 inches wide x 17 inches deep. The bureau is almost brand-new, in shrink wrap, and comes from a cleanout for a gentleman who had just replaced his old furniture only to require assisted living. Life happens! This is a really nice piece of furniture for someone who could use it. Also have a few cookbooks: “The Best American Recipes“, top picks from books, magazines, newspaper and the Internet (soft cover); Good Housekeeping, Illustrated “American Cookbook“, recipes for 600 family favorites, illustrated with more than 2,000 step-by-step photographs and drawings (hard cover); “Comfort Foods that take you Home“, by David Venable, QVC’s resident foodie; and “Pizzas and Calzones“, delicious new low-fat recipes, by David Ricketts & Susan McQuillan. All cookbooks are in mint condition.” Does Mom wish she had another bureau with drawers for ‘drawers’ or other lingerie, clothing, etc., or maybe she’d like cookbooks with new recipes to try… perhaps taking Mom out to dinner would be best first, before giving her the cookbooks. If you would like either the bureau or the cookbooks or both, give Bert a call at 603-883-0990. Leave a message if no answer and he’ll call back.


Robbie F. of Nashua (LTR 2,776), says “The Graco car seat went to another grandmother who was delighted to receive it and says she will pass it along to another family, in the Mailbag tradition, when the time comes.

The pots, planters and baskets offered by Bert the Picker of Nashua (LTR 1,775) were picked up by Teddy of Nashua. Bert adds “I like giving things to people who really need them. She is a sweetheart of a lady I truly enjoyed meeting and it’s especially heartwarming to meet someone so nice.”

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