Vaping Unveiled: What everyone needs to know

Breathe New Hampshire’s signature program, Vaping Unveiled, is being offered for parents and the community on Tuesday, October 29 from 6:30-7:30 p.m. at West High School, in partnership with Catholic Medical Center and Makin’ It Happen.

Youth vaping has been called an epidemic by the FDA and CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention), and often leads to nicotine addiction. Vaping Unveiled is a free program with information parents need about e-cigarettes, vapes and JUUL; the dangers of nicotine on growing brains and the relationship to other addictive substances; school policies, resources, and more. 

Join us at West High School, 9 Notre Dame Avenue, Manchester to learn why teen vaping and e-cigarette use is a public health concern. Offered in conjunction with the Manchester School District and the Manchester Health Department.

Vaping Unveiled is proudly supported by CVS Health and the New Hampshire Charitable Foundation. See  www.BreatheNH.org  for more on youth vaping and nicotine addiction, and resources to help quit. Breathe New Hampshire, founded in 1916, is the only nonprofit public health agency in the state focused solely on lung health.