Merrimack Senior Citizens Club

Congratulations are extended to the 2020 leaders of the Merrimack Senior Citizens Club, from left, Jeannette Popovski (acting assistant treasurer for Carol Archibald); Joyce Soucy (chaplin); Irene Gorski (hospitality person); Sylvia Hunter (sunshine lady); Pauline Begin (treasurer); Louise Tedeschi (secretary); Bruce Rasmussen (vice president); Bob Abramo (president); Sue Hoag (trustee); Gloria Crayton (trustee); Betty Overton (trustee); Lorraine Lessard (trip coordinator); Joan Rasmussen (assistant trip coordinator); Juana Abramo (trustee); and Phyllis Ekins (corresponding secretary). The installation on Feb. 10 at the John O’Leary Adult Community Center on Church Street included a lavish buffet and news of upcoming club programs, field trips and other events for members, residents of Merrimack aged 55 or more. Info: merimacknh.gov/senior-citizens-club.