Superdogs team is learning new tricks

MERRIMACK – Superdogs Daycare in Merrimack is learning a new trick, not for the pooches it cares for at the facility, but for its staff.

Amid the COVID-19 pandemic, owner Judy Threlfall said she wanted to do something to help keep her workforce working.

That’s when she decided to undertake a community project of making face masks, something that is in short supply for medical and other essential workers.

“We love our staff and want to help provide for them. We really hope they don’t need to file unemployment, so when things got very slow here, I decided it was time to figure out what our staff could do to stay busy and get paid,” Threlfall said.

That’s when she got creative.

“I pulled out my sewing machine and started sewing masks for my husband and I, and I got the idea to train stff how to sew. So, that is what we are doing!” Threlfall exclaimed.

She indicated her facility still is taking care of its Superpups that come for daycare, boarding and grooming but, she now has dedicated a former dog playroom to the manufacturing of three-layer fitted masks.  

“So far our customers and community are purchasing them. We also have made special masks with filter pockets for pharmacists and nurses,” she explained. 

“We love our little ‘sweat shop,’ and we are cranking out masks for purchase five days a week. This project has put several of our wonderful staff members back to work and it is also helping keep our community masked.”