Resident Fast Facts

The Friends of the Merrimack Public Library have extended all memberships until their annual meeting this September. Members who wish to renew their membership before the annual meeting may do so online or in-person at the library.

Merrimack residents who have not voted in the last four years will be removed from the voter checklist unless they re-register before Tuesday, July 27th. Voters may re-register at the Merrimack Town Clerk’s Office during the following dates and times:

Regular business hours

At the Special Supervisors of the Checklist Session on Tuesday, July 27th, between 6:30pm and 7:30pm.

The Merrimack Village District (MVD) Water Works has increased rates by 22% as of Thursday, July 1st. The increase affects meter, usage, hydrant, and fire sprinkler charges only. Water usage charges have also changed to a tiered rate based on amount of usage per quarter.