The Cabinet Time Machine – Ready for some football?

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1987 MASH football cheerleaders Members of this year’s football cheerleading squad are Beth Potter (kneeling), (left to right, bottom row) Debbie Nord, Linnea Anderson, Julie Bartlett, Michelle Kunkel and Carrie Wildes; (next row) Beth Sansing, Katie Turner and Kim Dodge; (top row) Melanie ...

The Cabinet Time Machine – Sitting on the counter

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MILFORD – As published in The Cabinet 1989: Sitting on the counter is a no-no at McCrory on the oval, but eight days before her retirement, Caroline Carpentier isn’t worried. The Milford resident has worked at the store since 1951, first as a sales clerk and then as manager. Today: In ...

The Cabinet Time Machine – Recycling in 1990

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MILFORD – As published in The Cabinet 33 years ago: For those willing to take the time, the Milford Transfer Station has set up areas to further separate the recyclable materials that now go into the co-mingling bin. The categories are: plastic milk jugs and soda bottles, both clear and ...

The Cabinet Time Machine – 1938 Hurricane

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MILFORD – As published in The Cabinet 85 years ago: A hurricane lashed New England, causing millions of dollars of damage and many deaths. In the Souhegan Valley, hundreds of beautiful trees were uprooted, buildings were blown down or damaged, the fruit crop was virtually a total loss, and ...