Don Richard Taylor

Don Richard Taylor of Nashua N.H., born July 7, 1933 passed away at age 85 on July 17, 2018 of natural causes. He is survived by his three children Debra Taylor, Don Taylor and Dorothy Bullard along with their spouses respectively Andrew Padla; Louisa Taylor; Pete Bullard; his grandson Quinn Bullard and former wife Dorothy Taylor. Don was predeceased by his infant daughter Donna.

Don was born in Angola, Indiana. His father Gilbert was a talented carpenter and foreman of Hagerman Construction Corporation in Fort Wayne, Indiana where he was in charge of large scale projects such as building stadiums. With Hoosier spirit Don and his father built their family home literally from design to mixing the cement foundation to the finished carpentry of the custom interior. Don spoke many times of his experiences on construction sites and learning first hand from his father’s example about innovation, problem solving, engineering, crew and supplier


Don’s mother Helen was equally influential in his life. Helen was an English school teacher. Don was skilled in written communication and later wrote and taught management training seminars at naval shipyards. He also loved to write ‘odes’ to family members and for special occasions like his 45th and 60th high school reunions – always with his signature dry humor. These poems were expressions of his love.

After graduating from Angola High School in ’51 where Don was in choir and band, Don earned a BS in Mechanical Engineering with a minor in Industrial Engineering at Purdue University. Between his junior and senior years Don visited and worked in Finland as an exchange student at a lumber plant. He crossed the Atlantic by ship.

And so, after leaving Purdue in ’55, Don embarked upon a 30 year career where he excelled in research and development and large scale production and quality improvement programs. He served in the Armed Forces in the Research and Development Department of the National Security Agency in Washington D.C. working on specialized electro-mechanical devices.

He married and started a family during this service and then earned a Masters Degree in Engineering Administration at The George Washington University. His thesis work benefited the Washington Technological Associates company where he was employed in the design of a new system of shipboard deck missile deployment while earning his degree. His missile work continued at the Engineering Research and Development Laboratory at Fort Belvoir, Virginia.

Don’s next 22 years were with the consulting firm Harbridge House, Inc. as a Senior Value Consultant working on streamlining supply chains, production costs and providing employee training at the corporate level for companies such as McDonald’s, Xerox and Westinghouse as well as to U.S. Naval Shipyards around the world. This employment brought his family to New England where we eventually settled in southern New Hampshire.

His work involved traveling while the family ‘held down the fort,’ the quarter acre garden and prepared for inevitable weekend projects where we were always building, remodeling and repairing…and learning from our father.

After early retirement Don developed a passion for dowsing and was active with The American Society of Dowsers. He authored and published a book ‘Esoteric Tuning, Achieving Well Being Through Dowsing’, taught seminars and dowsed for hundreds of people. His interests didn’t stop with dowsing and energy work. Don used nature photography to create his ‘Nature Spirit’ line of art work, he was a painter, carver, builder, engineer and well read philosopher.

Don valued and loved his family. We miss him.

‘He has made and kept many friends by always being loyal.’

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