Irene Merle Rochtaschel MacLeod

On May 24, 2021 Irene Merle Rochtaschel MacLeod closed the book on 97 years of a life well lived. Born at home in Worcester, MA on Feb.17, 1924, she continued throughout her whole life to be the heart of her home. She found the love of her life in her own backyard. Bob MacLeod rented a room from Irene’s mother while they both attended Wellesley High School, after which she went on to Green Mountain College. It was love at first sight. She married Bob upon his return from the South Pacific in 1945. Together, they moved to Amherst, NH in 1951 and raised four rambunctious cowboys, embracing the good traditions and small-town closeness the village enjoyed. Skip, Doug, Ken and Steve received consistent love and support as they grew.

Irene ran a nursery school out of her home, as if she didn’t have enough to handle with her own four boys. She spent most of her parenting years shuttling her boys to the ER for broken bones, split skulls and concussed brains from the boys’ “playtime”. Winters were spent skiing at Jake’s Hill, springs and falls starring in PTA plays and she spent all seasons creating a home full of wonderful memories and delicious smells of cookies and pies.

The many friends from the Green Mountain College days to those who knew her from Amherst stayed in touch just to get a dose of Rene from time to time. Her grandchildren Darrin, Gus, Tyler, Molly, Tavish, Laura, Sam, Charlie and Katie were the joys in her later years. Her great-grandchildren Kendall, Parker, Gavin, Logan, Colby, Tommy, Teddy and Lilly are beautiful testimonies to the loving and nurturing ways that she instilled in her family. Irene moved to The Morrison in Whitefield, NH, where she lived for 10+ years. A huge hug, (because we can now) to the staff and volunteers at The Morrison. Their care, compassion, and delivery of a chocolate Hoodsie cup at 3:00 PM every day made her a very happy resident.

Irene outlived her husband, Bob and two sons, Skip and Ken.

Donations can be made to the Activities Department at The Morrison because Bingo was her game! The Morrison 6 Terrace Street, Whitefield, NH 03598.

There will definitely be a party to celebrate a remarkable woman. Rene, are you with us because we’re with you!