Lane retains senior golf title

Submitted photo Steve Lane, Senior Division winner in the John B. Wollen Nashua City Championship Golf Tournament.

Stephen Lane, who plays out of Sohegan Woods Golf Club in Amherst, won his seocnd straight championship in the 62nd Nashua City Golf Chamoionship.

The tournament was played July 23-24 at Nashua Country and Sky Meadow Country Club in Nashua.

The leaderboard in the senior division was dominated by golers playing out of local clubs.

Jon Dyer, out of Nashua Country Club, won the overall title shooting a 72-72 144.

Kevin Gaynor, Souhegan Woods, came in at No. 12, 72-83-155.

Other golfers from local clubs included: 14. Don Kossuth, Souhegan Woods: 83-75, 158; 15. Justin Maguire, Amherst CC: 78-81, 159; T16. Jonathan Douglas, Amherst CC: 79-81, 160; T16. Richard Dichard, Souhegan Woods: 77-83, 160; 20. Eric Emeneau, Souhegan Woods: 84-78, 162; T21. John Henzell, Souhegan Woods: 76-87, 163; T23. Nicholas Nowak, Souhegan Woods: 80-84, 164; T23. Gunnar Senatore, Amherst CC: 75-89, 164; T25: Michael Cole, Amherst CC: 80-85, 165; T29: Justin Parker, Amherst CC: 83-83, 166; 31. Justin Benson, Amherst CC: 90-77, 167; T33. Chris Gagnon, Amherst CC: 82-87, 169; 38. Bryan Bower, Amherst CC: 87-85, 172; T39. Robert Imbriano, Souhegan Woods: 89-87, 176.