Howard Cole

Howard Cole, son of Edward
and Helen (Hornstein)
Cole, died July 9 at Aynsley
Place. He was born in Jersey
City, NJ, in 1929, graduated
from MIT, and earned his
MBA at Rivier College, later
studying further computer
programming. At Sanders
among other things he
designed and oversaw construction
of large antenna
arrays in various parts of the
He loved languages,
learned Japanese and Tagalog
for work. Earlier he
learned French for a honeymoon
in France. At Aynsley
Place he spoke Spanish
with some of the aides, even
picked up a few words of
Chinese from one of them
during the last weeks.
He developed an interior
storm window, the Thermalite
Window, now in a
number of homes throughout
the Nashua area, and
was part of a small company
building easily portable bob
houses called Portashells.
He dabbled in creating
silver jewelry. He built a personal
computer years ago, at
a time when he wasn’t sure
that the computer would
find its niche among the
general population, not his
best call. He designed the
family’s last two homes and
built various items of furniture
for them as well as many
smaller projects. He vacationed
in interesting foreign
He enjoyed debating politics
with one son, discussing
physics with another, cars
with the third.
Survivors include his wife,
Joan, his former wife, Nancy,
his son Robert and his wife
Karen of FL, his daughters
Judy Mitchell, Dorothy and
Claude Neveu of NH and
Linda and Jeff Biden of ME.
His grandchildren include
Ryan Cole, Tim and Colleen
Biden of CA, Erik Cole
of FL, Max Calkin of NY,
Carrie and Keith Minott of
MA, Tyler Calkin, Christopher
and Rachel McEleney
of NH and Annie Biden of
ME and one great-granddaughter,
Faith Minott.
He was predeceased by his
sons James Cole and Dana
We would like to thank
the outstanding staff at Aynsley
Place for their understanding,
patience and truly
caring approach to our husband,
father and friend.