Well done

Did you notice?

The paving job around the Milford Oval is done and while “hallelujah” might be the knee-jerk response, a better one might be:


It’s such a smooth ride now.

Oh, we know, we know, you’re thinking, “Sure, but just wait until winter sets in and then spring with the frost heaves and then …”

We get it. But you have to admit that the town’s Department of Public Works did a first-class job and while it wasn’t a lot of fun going around the rough surface, wasn’t it worth it in the end?

Speaking of well done, and we were, the Milford Police Department, specifically Officers Olivia Dudley and Dean Hardwick, deserve credit for the way in which they handled a domestic dispute last week. Details were in last week’s Cabinet, so there’s no need to repeat them, but according to court papers, both officers were kicked and officer Dudley more than once. Plus she was hit on the arm with a fan, which we suspect was not the kind used by Madame Butterfly.

We’ve said this before, we’ll say it again now, and undoubtedly we’ll say it again in the future: Police officers, we should remember always, have dangerous jobs and they never know what they’re going to run into. A fight between siblings or between a husband and wife or between two brothers can turn ugly fast. Officers have to be prepared for anything all the time.

As a society, we don’t give enough credit to these men and women. As a society in small towns, we seem to assume that they don’t take many risks. That’s just not true.

Officers Dudley and Hardwick handled a tough situation well. Good for them.