Stop for police for safety’s sake

Here’s the allegation:

A Nashua woman leads police from several communities on what was described as “a wild car chase” through local streets and is finally arrested in Nashua.

Here’s the question:

What the heck was she thinking?

First of all, the idea that we can, ala Bonnie and Clyde, outrun the police is a bit of a dream considering all of the ways police now have to ensure that you can’t, like interagency cooperation and, oh, right, radios.

Second, by allegedly trying to get away, this driver put herself, the pursuing officers and any citizen unlucky enough to be in the chase’s path, in danger.

So, to return to the operative question, what was she thinking?

Friends, when the police are pursuing, the one thing to keep in mind is this: You can’t get away. Forget it. It’s not as if you can zip across a town line into some sort of safety zone into which the pursuing police can’t go. And even if they can’t, there’s a good chance that they’ve radioed ahead and officers from the next town will be waiting for you.

So, if you see those flashing red lights and hear that siren behind you, for your sake and the sake of anyone potentially in your path, pull over, put your hands on the wheel and take whatever medicine you have coming.

We’ll all be better off in the long run. Even you.