Items of note locally, nationally

Some observations:

1. We are so pleased that the Toadstool Bookshop, at Lorden Plaza in Milford, will open a café. And they found a wonderful person to run it: Shannon Duncanson, who owned the former Union Square Provisions.

2. Kudos to Heron Pond Elementary School students, teachers and staff who are collecting pennies to help send World War II veterans to Washington, D.C., to visit the World War II monument. We can all donate. Just get those extra pennies to Heron Pond.

3. Have you read about the New Jersey waitress who claimed two customers stiffed her on a tip because she is gay? The couple ran up a bill of just under $100 and left only a note saying they couldn’t tip her because they didn’t approve of her lifestyle? People around the nation sent money to this poor waitress. The problem? She lied. The couple in question produced their credit card receipt that showed a tip of 20 percent. Friends, if you’re going to lie, first determine whether the lie will go viral because if it does, you’re bound to get busted.

4. Wouldn’t it be nice if the Patriots could win easily just once? The game against the Broncos was, we thought, the capper when the Pats came from 24-0 down to win. But Sunday’s game against the Browns was the topper of the capper. Recent research has indicated that watching a game on TV and becoming really invested in it raises the heart rate and can actually help people’s fitness and weight maintenance, to a small degree, of course. But if the Patriots keep this up, we’re all going to look like wraiths.