Good riddance

As the National Football League considers penalizing players for using the “N” word on the field, former Giants linebacker Carl Banks had this to say, according to the New York Daily News columnist Gary Myers:

“If the word disappeared from the world’s vernacular, I wouldn’t miss it.”

Nor would we.

That word, and you certainly know what it is, is the most insulting in the English language. Indeed, it is the lowest form of insult because it attacks a person for something he or she can’t help: Skin color.

What a stupid, stupid way to judge someone.

But using the word also says something sad about the user: That he or she is so devoid of the ability to think and judge that he, or she, must resort to attacking someone on the basis of skin color.

One could argue, and we would agree, that attacking someone on that basis is no worse than attacking a person for his or her religion or nationality or anything else that has nothing to do with the content of their character.

But that word, that “N” word, is still, we believe, simply the most hurtful ever coined and were the NFL to ban it, were it to disappear from the vernacular, we wouldn’t miss it a bit.

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