It’s your choice in Wilton selectman race

We like it that three political newcomers are running for a single selectman’s seat in Wilton because it’s always good to bring new views, new ideas, new people to any local board.

Two of the candidates were interviewed by our Jessie Salisbury in a story that appeared in last week’s Cabinet and can be found online at We urge you to check out what they had to say. The third candidate did not respond to telephone calls seeking an interview, our story said.

The two who were interviewed – Sandra Fischer and Douglas Whitney – have interesting backgrounds and both would seem to have a great deal to offer Wilton. We’d certainly find it hard to choose between them.

But you must, so again we urge you to read Salisbury’s story and make an informed decision.

Whatever you decide, act upon it. In other words, vote on Tuesday, March 11.