What will Brown do for us?

Soon, of course, we will begin to hear what will become the operative word vis a vis Scott Brown:


And it is certainly true that he is a newcomer to New Hampshire politics.

But so what?

Bobby Kennedy and Hillary Clinton were, decades apart, newcomers to New York politics. They were chastised as carpetbaggers but clearly the electorate didn’t care.

Should New Hampshire voters?

Not really.

The key is ideas and that’s how we should vet Brown: What are his ideas (this time) and how will they differ from the ideas he espoused when he ran for the U.S. Senate in Massachusetts?

Because you can bet they’ll differ. He’ll be playing to a much different audience here than south of our border and how he tweaks (or, some might say, twists) his points of view to better appeal to us will be interesting.

We know he’ll run against the Affordable Care Act, which provides health insurance for many who didn’t have it, but we’ll be interested to see if he has a plan to replace it. Most Republicans just rail against it but offer nothing in return. What will Brown do for us?

Well, right now he’s just “exploring” the idea of running in our Republican primary in September, so who knows what he’ll really do? Former Sen. Bob Smith has already criticized him which, honestly, makes Brown look better in our eyes.

And that’s only the beginning for the Mass Man.

Oh, the times we will have.