Connectivity plan a good one

Milford’s concept of a “connectivity plan” designed, as we reported last week, to give walkers, runners and bicyclists more sidewalks, bike paths and hiking trails is one all of us should applaud.

First of all, it will benefit the people of Milford who will be able to do things like walk from Lorden Plaza into the downtown, or from the MCAA fields on North River Road to Hayward’s Ice Cream on Elm Street. There might even be bike path from Mont Vernon to Brookline.

We think it also would attract folks from other communities who might want to use it to explore the town and peek into our many interesting shops.

The town’s planning staff has been working on the concept with the Nashua Regional Planning Commission. NRPC consultant Jennifer DiNovo, said the idea is to give folks “exercise options and also safe pedestrian routes to neighborhoods and townwide connections for those without access to transportation.”

Sounds good.

We’re all for any idea that gives people safe and inexpensive ways to exercise. And if this one benefits local merchants, as it seems it would, that makes it even better.