World Cup great, will soccer stick?

So, World Cup is over. Miss it yet? Some of us do and wait eagerly for World Cup 2018.

We are not, however, among the Polyannas who believe that the decent showing by the United States in the Brazil matches will ignite a furor of interest in soccer in our country. Certainly more youngsters might get involved in youth groups, and that’s great.

But if anyone things investing in a Major League Soccer team will pay long-term dividends, well, there’s that old saw about the Brooklyn Bridge … .

Soccer is a wonderful game, but interest is peaked by the concept of nation versus nation. Watching the New England Revolution play San Jose? We think not. Indeed, World Cup TV ratings were brilliant when the U.S. was playing, but dropped off considerably when we got the boot by Belgium.

Yes, soccer is a great game and yes, the MLS has some good players, but U.S. sports fans have quite enough from which to choose already.

One more sport demanding our time and dollars? Won’t fly.

But in 2018, assuming the U.S. makes the Cup cut, we’ll be very interested again.