Milford voters, keep Keyes open

Milford voters have an important reason to participate in the Sept. 9 state primary, one that doesn’t involve figuring out which local politicians should make it onto the November ballot.

That’s important, too, but, we believe, less important than this:

Milford has a chance to approve a warrant article calling for the purchase of 5.8 acres of land adjacent to Keyes Park at a cost of $190,000.

That land will be used to expand recreation opportunities in town and to keep Keyes open during the Superfund cleanup work scheduled at the old Fletcher Paint site on Elm Street, scheduled to start next year.

The best news? That’s easy: The $190,000 has already been raised locally and no tax dollars were involved. There will be a “miniscule amount” for interest charges over four years

And that was a surprise, as Tim Finan, a member of the Recreation Committee, said: “We were quite surprised by the enthusiasm for the project. We were hoping to raise 50 percent and we got 100 percent.”

All that money isn’t in hand yet. There is $80,000 in donations for 2014 and $110,000 pledged over four years, but that seems fine. If the committee says that will work, then that will work.

The committee is still raising money for incidental expenses like site work and we have no doubt the community will pitch in there, too.

The folks of Milford should be applauded for getting on this bandwagon and coming through this quickly for something that is so important.

Now all Milford needs is that positive vote on Sept. 9, an outcome we don’t think should be in doubt. This should be a very easy “Yes” vote.