Brownies visited Milford barber shop

116 years, ago, 1898

At a meeting of the Milford Soldiers’ Aid Society, it was voted to send $100 to the treasurer of the state Society for use in relief work.

There were 85 guests at the Grand Hotel in Mont Vernon.

The Milford Cornet Band furnished music for the Purgatory picnic and was taken to the site by the Merrill brothers in their barge.

Sgt. Barry, who was wounded in Santiago, Cuba, had reached Boston and was expected to be with relatives in Milford. He was a member of the 1st U.S. Cavalry.

Mrs. A. Beard of Wilton was to give a lawn party in honor of Miss Gertrude Beard, to which several of the young ladies of the town were invited.

66 years ago, 1948

The Milford Tennis Club was sponsoring a dance on the Milford tennis courts featuring modern and square dancing. Tickets were 35 cents per person or 50 cents per couple.

Milford National Guard unit, Company F, was training on Cape Cod.

Harold Horne of Berlin, the Progressive candidate for Congress from the Second District, was to speak on the Milford Oval.

Julie and John, radio personalities from WMUR radio, were to be at the Mont Vernon Town Hall dance.

The Latchis Theatre in Milford was showing “Big Town After Dark” with Phillip Reed and Hillary Brooke.

Wilton police were trying to find a Canadian couple that left a woman’s pocketbook containing $150 in American money at Berube’s restaurant. It belonged to a party named Saucier of Rimouski, Quebec.

50 years ago, 1964

The annual picnic of the John Burns Association and the Milford Historical Society was scheduled to be held at Burns Rock in the south part of Milford.

In an editorial, William B. Rotch wrote, “These days when a favorite indoor sport seems to be speculating about what Barry Goldwater ‘really’ means, we sometimes wonder if words have meanings any more, if anyone knows what someone else really means.”

The National Society for the Preservation of Covered Bridges met for a picnic at the summer home of the president, Mrs. Richard P. Bonney, in Amherst.

Our Lyndeborough correspondent, Mrs. Ray P. Bishop, wrote that blueberries were scarce in the area but brought a good price. “Once, Lyndeborough was noted for its many prosperous blueberry pastures,” she wrote.

Large crowds attended the annual Summer Festival of the Sacred Heart Church in Wilton. More than 200 people attended the Saturday chicken barbecue. Father John Feeney was the pastor.

25 years ago, 1989

Milford officials were wondering about formulating a policy on whether to allow the use of noisy equipment on a Sunday after residents of Prospect Street complained to the building inspector about a backhoe working nearby on Sunday. Selectman Rosario Ricciardi spoke in favor of people who want to rest on Sundays.

The Mont Vernon School Board reported that it expected a $100,000 surplus from the 1988-89 year. The Lyndeborough School Board was facing a $22,000 deficit.

Linda Ecklund began working 20 hours a week as the administrative assistant for the Mont Vernon Planning Board.

“The Rainmaker” was on stage at the American Stage Festival in Milford.

The Hillsborough County Softball League continued its playoffs in Milford. In the semi-finals were Hampshire Hills, the Temple Tigers, the Waterbuffaloes, and the Maddogs.