Hope springs for Osgood Pond

Forty years and … counting?

Osgood Pond is surely going to end up being a sequel to “The Walking Dead,” for it truly is like a zombie: It’s not alive but it’s around. Unlike a zombie, however, Osgood Pond is not a threat to humanity, unless one thinks that the occasional raising of hope is detrimental to physical as well as psychic hope.

Oh, of course we’re being facetious (sort of) because we, like the Milford selectmen, would love to see something done about Osgood, which once was a lovely spot for fishing and other water recreational activities but is now pretty much choked with weeds.

And for the past 40 years (yes, 40) the idea of doing something about Osgood Pond has, upon occasion, risen and walked among us, only to return from wither it came (which, it would seem, would make it a bit more like a vampire than a zombie.)

But now (and, yes, we’ve said this before) there is real hope that something will be done because now, action will be taken by Milford officials rather than the Army Corp of Engineers, which keeps getting sidetracked by other people’s little problems like, oh, you know, Hurricane Katrina, things like that.

The selectmen last week voted to allow winter dredging of one or two acres of the pond near Adams Field, making the area usable for some canoeing, fishing and ice skating. The money? Well, it will cost $60,000 that is already in a special fund and has been for 17 years.

So, yes, there is hope which, as we all know, springs eternal, although this time it will spring in the winter. We hope.

Because the pond is a community asset and with Milford now taking the lead, we think hope will turn to elation.