Ants trampled in supermarket feud

There’s an old saying, possibly African: “When elephants fight, ants get crushed.”

In the Market Basket battle of the titans, we have two millionaires battling for control of a company that employes thousands of people who are not millionaires, and it is those people who are out of work.

Granted, they are out of work because they chose to support Arthur T. Demoulas, whom we could call Millionaire 1, over his cousin, Millionaire 2 Arthur S. Demoulas. At this writing, both are sticking to whatever guns they believe they have. Meanwhile, customers are abandoning Market Basket – many out of loyalty to the workers, and some because there isn’t much to buy anyway, because drivers aren’t delivering.

We hope that by the time you read this, the fight is over. We also hope some of the ants survive. We know for sure that the elephants will, because even the loser will still be a millionaire.