Thumbing the Files for Jan. 18, 2018

75 years ago, 1943

In a letter to The Cabinet, Milford’s Richard MacKenzie, writing from Fort Jackson, S.C., said, ” … having seven years in the clothing business, I thought I would land in the Quartermaster Corps, but to my surprise I’m in the Anti-Tank Company, 397th Infantry.”

Several alleged violators of the Office Of Price Administration’s ban on pleasure driving were brought before the Milford Ration Board and one motorist had all of his gasoline ration coupons recalled.

Boys leaving Milford High School early to enter the service were to receive a “War Emergency” diploma or certificate depending upon the amount of work completed.

So as not to violate the Office Of Price Administration’s ban on pleasure travel, girls’ and boys’ basketball teams from Wilton High School arrived for their games in Milford on a wagon drawn by two horses. Teams from Peterborough were to play in Milford the next day, but there was no news on how they would get there.

55 years ago, 1963

Three area men, including one from Wilton and one from Milford, were called by the Selective Service Board for two years’ active duty in the Army. From Wilton was Herbert Kene, from Milford was Ralph Edmunds.

The Harlem Clowns basketball team was to play at Milford High School against the Milford town team. Playing for the Clowns was Ray Felix, formerly of the Los Angeles Lakers.

Another series of three Sabin oral polio vaccine clinics was to begin with sites in Milford, Amherst and Mont Vernon.

Democratic leaders from 23 cities and towns in Hillsborough County were preparing a testimonial dinner to honor Milford’s Robert Philbrick who was serving his third term as chairman of the Hillsborough County Democratic Committee.

20 years ago, 1988

Middlebury College sophomore Carolyn Manley, daughter of Frank and Marthat Manley of Milford, was studying in the Nortwest Territories of Canada in a four-week winter term course to explore conditions, characteristics and dynamics of an Arctic environment in winter.

U.S. Secretary of Education William Bennet visited the Amherst Middle Schoolon his way to a presentation for the New Hampshire Legislature. The school was chosen because it had received a commentation from the Department of Education for its excellence.

Nearly 40 people attended the Amhrst School Board meeting to oppose including the game Dungeons and Dragons in the school district’s budget for after-school activities at the Amherst Middle School.

The Town Hall Theatre in Wilton was showing “The Running Man” and “Barfly.”

10 years ago, 2008

A group calling itself The Amherst Five made up of former members of the town’s Ways and Means Committee, charged that the selectmen were not managing the town’s money correctly. They said some of the spending approved or proposed by the selectmen was unnecessary, some of it was counter to the will of Amhrst residents, and some of it might have been in conflict with state law.

A fire destroyed the house at 7 Church St., Amherst, and one firefighter was injured. Crews from Bedford, Milford, Mont Vernon and Merrimack hleped Amherst firefighters at the scene and crews from New Boston and Hollis covered the Amherst fire station.

Mark Engholm of Amherst, a member of the Manchester FlamesMite B hockey team, scored his 100th career goal in a win over the Junior Monarchs.