Women’s March

Wilton Peace Action is taking action again, this time on Saturday, to honor the first anniversary of the Women’s March, which will be celebrated the next day. What the Wilton group is involved in is called a Sister Event, and those will be held all over the nation as women continue their fight for equality.

And how difficult is that fight? Those who follow the doings of Hollywood might have learned that after Kevin Spacy was fired from “All the Money in the World” after allegations of sexual misconduct (a very careful way to put it), the production company brought in Christopher Plummer to reshoot his scenes. No problem there.

But they also had to bring back the actors, including Mark Wahlberg and Michelle Williams. They came back, redid their scenes, and everything went well. But not really for Ms. Williams. It turned out that, despite the protestations of the film’s director that all the actors worked for free on the reshoots, Wahlberg was paid $1.5 million, while Williams was paid a perdiem of $80 per day, amounting for less than $1,000.

Is it any wonder that women are on the march?

As far as we know, Wilton Peace Action is the only active group in our region. If not the only, then certainly the most active and consistent. It would, we think, be a good idea for as many of us as possible to join with them on Saturday in support of the group and of women. Perhaps, we could ask Mark Wahlberg to be a guest speaker.

Here, then, are the plans for that day from WPA:

Gathering on the front lawn of the Wilton Public Library at 11:30 a.m.

Proceeding down the Main Street sidewalks to the Main Street Park for speakers, music, fellowship and fun until 1 p.m.

Continuing activities at the nearby Riseup Center located on Howard Street in the Brick Mill Complex with displays, networking, socializing and refreshments organized by our local Wilton Peace Action group.

The idea, the group says, is that, “together, we will show this administration that women are not backing down.”

All in all, not a bad idea. If Mark Wahlberg can’t drop by, perhaps he can donate some of that $1.5 million to WPA and other such groups. Perhaps enough to bring his reshoot pay down to the level of the amount that went to Michelle Williams.