Thumbing the Files for Jan. 25

75 years ago, 1943

The Finnish people of Milford raised another $42.40 for the Red Cross with a coffee party. Real coffee with real cream … “made the party something out of the ordinary in this period of rationing and shortages.”

The Lyndeborough Center school bus driven by Edward Schmidt, Jr., met with an accident near the home of Elmer Blancard but it wasn’t serious and no one was hurt aside from a good shaking up and the glasses of Perry Joslin, Jr., were broken. The road was icy but then got a good coating of sand.

In war news, a Norwegian audience at an obligatory showing of a German propaganda newsreel in Norway jeered scenes of German soldiers giving food to Norwegian civilians with one shouting aloud, “Germans giving food to Norwegians? No. They’re running the film backwards.”

In California, some folks were making “coffee” from chick peas because of the coffee shortage due to the war.

55 years ago, 1963

Roberta Milligan of Mont Vernon, a student at Milford High School, was crowned queen of the Wilton High School Sno-Ball. Jacquiline LaCasse of Wilton High School was named one of the queen’s aides.

Army Pfc. Carl Silva of Milford and his wife, Janet, married just three weeks, left for Kaiserlautern, Germany to join his outfit stationed there.

Lyndeborough Police Chief Richard Cheever warned dog owners that any law officer could kill any dog caught in the act of killing or maiming a deer. Cheever said the situation was getting out of hand.

The Latchis Theatre in Milford was showing “Here Come the Girls” with Bob Hope, Arlene Dahl, Tony Martin, and Rosemary Clooney. The Town Hall Theatre in Wilton was showing “The Tower of London” with Vincent Price and Joan Freeman.

20 years ago, 1988

In his “Random thoughts” column on the editorial page, Cabinet Editor William B. Rotch asked this about coverage of presidential candidates and reporters: “Reporters are paid to write stories. How would you like to be assigned to follow Paul Simon or Jack Kemp and be expected to write a new story every single day?”

In Milford representing her husband, Tipper Gore, wife of Democratic presidential hopeful Al Gore, said she campaigns only two or three days a week because the Gores have four children.

Tom Paxton was to appear at The Folkway club in Peterborough.

Milford eighth grader Megan Hall won the first two girls’ races of the downhill skiing season.

10 years ago, 2008

The Wadleigh Memorial Library in Milford started a promotion involving video games in an effort to attract more teenagers. It included a challenge from circulation assistant Katie Spofford offering to waive fines on overdue books for anyone who could beat her at Dance Dance Revolution during Patron Appreciation day.

The Milford Fire Department said that an electrical problem started a fire at 115 Ponemah Hill Road that killed a horse.

Republican presidential primary candidate Vermin Supreme – that was his real name – decided not to demand a recount of votes in Lyndeborough. At first, he was under the impression that one person had voted for him and that the vote hadn’t been counted, but he found out that no one had cast such a vote. Supreme often wore a boot on his head while campaigning.

The Souhegan High School Basketball Band made its debut during a doubleheader against Conval.