Andrews will land on her feet

Morgan Andrews is going to land on her feet, we’re sure of that.

And why are we concerned about the former Milford High School soccer star? Because her professional team, the Boston Breakers of the Natonal Women’s Soccer League has, according to reports, folded.

That’s bad for women’s soccer and not great for Andrews, but she’s so good we’re sure one of the other teams will pick up her contract. We hope so.

It is great to have one of our local greats on the national stage, even if that stage is, compared to, say, women’s professional basketball, still a bit behind the curtain and doesn’t get a lot of play in sports coverage.

Andrews was a fantastic player at Milford and a threat to score every time she touched the ball. Other high school teams schemed for her, and she went off to a good college career, too.

In the pros, of course, the competition is greater, but we doubt that would bother her. A challenge for Morgan Andrews? Bring it.

Now she has a new challenge: Finding a new team.

We bet she will.