Get off those cell phones while driving

What ever happened to the crackdown on hand-held cell phone usage in cars? It seemed to have worked for a bit when it was first introduced.

But now?

If you drive anywhere around here for more than a couple of miles and don’t see someone using a phone while driving, it’s unusual.

Of course, we know the old adage hurled at police officers when they stop someone for something like this: Don’t you have real criminals to arrest? Of course they do, but, after all, this isn’t Manhattan, so they aren’t always busy chasing bank robbers.

The truth is, police officers can’t be everywhere, so they can’t always see the same violations that casual drivers come across.

What we don’t understand is why drivers would want to risk accidents by doing what has clearly been proven to be dangerous. Drivers do lots of dangerous, and stupid, things, of course, like driving drunk, but there’s actually more of a reason for that than for cell phone usage while driving – they’re drunk, and being drunk makes them stupid, and being stupid causes them to drive drunk. We get it.

But they aren’t, we can hope, drunk while using their cell phones while driving, so there is no excuse for that under the sun.

Please, for your sake, the sake of any passengers, and especially the sake of other drivers, knock it off. The New York State Thruway has designated cell phone areas off to the side of the road, and signs telling drivers how far away they are.

Well, so does Southern New Hampshire: They’re called parking spots or parking lots or anyplace where you aren’t actually driving.

Get a handle on your behavior.