Vote yes on Article 3

Residents of Milford have a history of eventually supporting relatively expensive, but necessary, projects, although they are, in the main, reluctant to do so the first time any major project comes up for a March vote.

How many times did it take to get approval for a new elementary school? What about high school renovations? An expanded middle school?

And, of course, who could forget the three years of voting it took to finally get approval for a new police station so police could move out of a dilapidated former motel that had been their headquarters for far too long?

We hope this is the year Milford will say “yes” to a needed expansion of the town’s only fire station, one that was built in 1974, when it had to meet the needs of a significantly smaller population and store fewer and smaller pieces of equipment.

Naturally the price tag of $3.86 million for this expansion will seem daunting to some, particularly folks on fixed incomes, but it should be far less daunting than the prospect of relying upon a fire department that doesn’t have what it needs to fight fires, and to ensure the safety and fitness of department personnel.

A new decontamination area is vital to give firefighters an area to change their clothes and shower immediately after being exposed to potentially harmful chemicals. Firefighters have a much greater chance of certain cancers related to exposure to smoke from the burning of synthetic materials that are ubiquitous today.

Remember that Milford firefighters are your friends, neighbors and family members. Their health and safety is as important as that of the people they serve.

There is much information on the department’s website and resident would do well to read it.

So vote “yes” on Article 3 on election day, March 13. We can think of no greater priority for Milford right now than an expanded and upgraded fire station.

Sometimes taking three years to pass a big capital project is fine, but not this time.