Good News

Sometimes we are fortunate to have a week where there is lots of good news, not only locally but globally.

Oh, there is always bad news, of course, and newspapers, as we well know, thrive on bad news, not because they like it so much but because it is usually the most important news – war, pestilence, famine – but when there is good news, we love to tell you about it and then, as is the case with this space, comment upon it.

So here are three items – two of them from last week’s Cabinet – that we hope you saw but just in case. …

Shelby Houghton was named Youth of the Year by the Boys and Girls Club of Souhegan Valley. She was one of the four finalists, along with Lily Ayotte, Nicole Jutras, and Benjamin Lopez. Houghton now has a shot at being regional winner and if that happens, perhaps even national winner.

But she’s already won much more than this title, proven by her comments when she received the award:

“When I started going to the club in fourth grade,” she said, “I learned to express my bright personality with rock climbing and theater. Over time, I sought refuge there.”

Problems at home, she said, “were replaced with safety and fun.”

That alone is a big win.

Twenty-two high school students and seven adults from area communities will go on a mission to Houston in June to help people there in their continuing recovery from Hurricane Harvey. It’s a Christian based organization that is organizing the trip but one doesn’t have to be a church member to go, and that’s good. That way, even more kids and adults can get involved.

Hurricane Harvey hit last August and the devestation was horrendous. The fact that volunteers are still needed underlines that.

Good for the kids, good for the adults, and good for anyone who, in any way, can provide them with support.

Our third, and in some ways more interesting, piece of good news comes from the waters off the coast of Barwon Heads, Australia, where fisherman Mathew Orlov reeled in a 8-foot 8-inch sevengill shark that had been fatally attacked by another predator after he hooked it. The shark was already dead with Orlov brought it aboard his boat.

But Orlov noticed something: The shark’s stomach was moving, so he cut it open, knowing that the movement was caused by baby sharks. He performed, in other words, a shark C-section.

What did he find? He found 98 shark pups and quickly got them back into the water. Later, he cooked the mother shark to feed his family.

But the babies at least had a shot at life, although shark experts can’t be sure they’ll make it. Still, good for Mathew Orlov.

And good for good news. By the way, the shark story appeared in the New York Post where good news generally involves something bad about Hillary Clinton.