Books are magic

Anything that attracts people to a library is all right with us, so applause for the new Story Trail at Wilton’s Public-Gregg Free Library.

According to library director Pat Fickett, the trail was created “to bring parents/caregivers onto the library gounds by creating an opportunity to read a story together as they walk up the sidewalk.”

How? Simple:

The trail consists of 20 story boards, built by volunteer Don Rankin, and spaced along the sidwalk at the rear of the library. It’s a pretty big semi-circle and, what with 20 stops to read, will take adults and kids several minutes to navigate.

The hope is that by reading the stories, kids will be encouraged to read more and to use the library and all of its resources. We hope so.

It would be nice to see more kids reading books rather than “reading” phones because we don’t really believe that any real reading gets done on phones. What? “East of Eden” on a small screen? Please.

Books are magic, the magic of the mind. Phones are … We’re not sure what phones are to the mind, but they’re certainly not magical, certainly not something that allows you to use your imagination. The dinosaur from “Jurassic Park” isn’t going to move on the page, but it will in your head.

The phone can do all that for you, which is really too bad.

Remember the old advertisement for the American Negro College Fund: “A mind is a terrible thing to waste.”

It still is.