Clear the snow off your car

Just in case you don’t think about such things as the amount of snow on the roof of your car and the danger it imposes, the state police have sent out this reminder:

Clear that snow off or face a fine of $250 for a first offense, $500 for a second, and then possible license suspension.

For folks new to the north, it might seem a bit harsh, but it traces back to 1999 when a Nashua woman — Jessica Smith — was killed when a chunk of ice flew off of a truck, struck a trailing vehicle and lead to a crash involving Smith’s car.

New Hampshire passed the anti-snow-on-the-roof law sometime after that. It is known, fittingly, as “Jessica’s Law” and the name alone should be a reminder of the danger of not clearing off your vehicle’s roof.

This is especially an issue in states like New Hampshire where snow is so prevelant but where, also, because of swiftly changing temperatures, ice can easily form on vehicles.

We know, of course, that when you’re in a rush, clearing off the car roof isn’t exactly foremost on your mind but it will if you get hit with even the lower of the fines.

Keep it in mind.