Milford should be proud

Kudos to the board that handled the Milford School Board election recount. They did what was clearly a commendable job, one noted gracefully by Len Mannino, who had requested the recount after he and fellow board incumbent Bob Willette had been bested in March’s election by write-in candidate Holleigh Tlapa.

Mannino wrote in an email to The Cabinet:

“I have to say I was really impressed by the professionalism demonstrated by the officials, volunteers, and monitors throughout this recount process.”

This after Tlapa had held onto her win after the recount, although Mannino did gain a vote and Tlapa actually lost two, not enough change to overcome Tlapa’s 12-vote margin of victory. Willette’s count remained the same.

Clearly praise goes out to school district Moderator Peter Basiliere and school district clerk Gina Matthews who handled the 2.5 hour session with, as Mannino said, professionalism. And thanks, too, to the candidates monitors who were there representing the three contestants and who had the right to challenge ballots, as some did.

But as Mannino said, despite challenges, the recount board was “successful with discerning the voters’ intent,” which was the primary goal.

Milford should be proud of how this was handled and proud, too, of how all three candidates handled it. No one sniped, no one bickered, no one gave the age-old Brooklyn Dodgers’ cry of “We wuz robbed,” and while we can’t say that everyone went home happy, we can say they went home satisfied with the process.

Now if only the folks running Milford’s elections could run our national contests, the country would be in better shape.