Legislative Update

There were 12 bills voted on Thursday, April 4, 2019. Only those bills that were tabled, had a division or a roll call vote are listed.

HB 564 – relative to possession of firearms in safe school zones. This bill prohibits carrying a firearm in a safe school zone. The amendment changes the bill from” safe School zone” to “school property”, which includes buildings, grounds, school buses, and vans. The Criminal Justice & Public Safety Committee recommended to OTP/A 12-8. Republicans on the Committee unanimously opposed OTP/A. There was a division vote: 213-159, OTP/A was Adopted

HB 630-FN – increasing certain fines for OHRV and snowmobile operation vehicles. The bill increases fines for certain OHRV and snowmobile violations and in cases where an OHRV or snowmobile complaint is prosecuted by the county sheriff, requires the fine or forfeiture to be remitted to the county sheriff. The Committee recommendation OTP 18-2, Republicans on the committee supported OTP.

HB 696-FN – establishing a protective order for vulnerable adults. The committee recommended OTP 12-8. Republicans on the committee unanimously opposed OTP. Roll Call vote 219-156 OTP Adopted.

HB 120-FN – relative to the regulation of body art establishments. This bill requires the licensure and inspection of establishments for tattooing, body piercing, or branding and clarifies the regulation of body art practitioners by the office of professional licensure and certification. The amendment adds a new fee for massage establishments employing two or more massage therapists. The Finance committee recommended OTP/a 13-9. The Republicans on the committee unanimously opposed OTP/a. There was a roll Call vote: 218-155 OTP with amendment Adopted.

HB 616-FN – relative to a cost of living adjustment for retirees in the state pension retirement system. The amendment applies a 1.5 percent COLA to the first $50,000 of pension benefit. The Finance Committee Recommended OTP/A 12-8. Republicans on the committee unanimously opposed the OTP/a. The New Hampshire retirement system has never had COLA’s as part of the plan. In order to pay for this bill, the majority raised the cost of the retirement system for municipalities, school districts, and the state, causing an unfunded mandate. The House voted to adapt on a Roll Call vote 219-150.

HB 481-Fn-A-LOCAL – relative to the legalization and regulation of cannabis and making appropriations thereof. The bill establishes procedures for the legalization, regulation, and taxation of cannabis: the licensing and regulation of cannabis establishments the regulation of hemp and hemp products; and makes appropriations thereof. As amended this bill levies a tax at two levels: a 5 percent tax on the wholesale/cultivator sales price and a 9 percent tax on the retail cannabis store sales price. The Ways and Means Committee recommended OTP 14-6. Republicans on the committee opposed OTP/a. The House Adopted on a Roll Call vote 200-163.

CACR: Constitutional Amendment Concurrent Resolution

OTP: Ought to Pass

ITL: Inexpedient to legislate

Table Motion: to postpone or suspend consideration of a pending motion.

Rep. Reed Panasiti represents Hillsborough District 22.